Posters and Demos

As in previous INCF Neuroinformatics Congresses, there will be a lot of emphasis on poster and computer demo presentations with two 2-hour sessions.

Poster and Computer Demo Presentations

This year, we will have 126 poster poster presentations and 25 computer demo presentations.

Spotlight Presentations

The following eight abstracts have been selected by the Program Committee to present one slide in four minutes as advertisement for their poster or demo.

PresenterTitle Session
Daniel Haehn Neuroimaging in the Browser using the X Toolkit 1
Timothy   O'Keefe The Informatics Backbone of the Brain Genomics Superstruct Project Open Data Release 1
Rembrandt Bakker Electrophysiology lab automation: a case study 1
Shreejoy Tripathy NeuroElectro: A database describing the electrophysiology properties of different neuron types 1
Stephen Larson The NeuroML C. elegans Connectome 2
Hitesh Sabnani Using the NIFSTD Ontology to Improve PubMed Search Results 2
Yuko Okamura-Oho Integrated   Analysis   of   Anatomical   Gene   Expression   Maps   and  Co-Expression Networks Using a Database, ViBrism
Volodymyr Shcherbatyy A Digital Atlas of Ion Channels Expression Patterns in the Two-Week-Old Rat Brain 2

General information

The abstract text is limited to 2500 characters, roughly one page. It will be possible to include one image and we encourage submitters to make use of this option. All accepted abstracts will be published online with Frontiers in Neuroscience and thus will receive a DOI.


The maximum space for one poster is 95 cm (horizontal) x 187 cm (vertical). The materials required for mounting posters will be provided. Posters can be mounted Monday, 10 September, at 0.800. All posters should be dismounted Tuesday, 11 September, by 18.30.


Live computer demos offer an opportunity to contributions that would benefit from being demonstrated live rather than by a regular poster presentation.

Each demo station consists of a conference table (1.20 m x 0.70 m), 3 - 4 chairs, a poster board, an electric cord, and internet access via broadband LAN.


In collaboration with Faculty of 1000 we offer the possibility to have your poster hosted in their open access repository. Read more here.

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Latest news
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Sep 07, 2012

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Sep 03, 2012
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Aug 03, 2012

An XNAT Workshop will be held in Munich on September 13-14, immediately following Neuroinformatics 2012.

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Jun 30, 2012

INCF Short Course, September 7-8, 2012, at the TU München.

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