WS1 image squareWorkshop 1

Function-structure relationship in microcircuitry

Chair: Keiji Tanaka

WS2 image squareWorkshop 2

Systems Biology of the Neuron

WS3 image squareWorkshop 3

If there is a data deluge, where are the data?

Chair: Tim Clark

Community-contributed workshops 4A, 4B, and 4C

WS4A image thumb4A: Modeling what you can measure
Chair: Gaute Einevoll
Speakers: Christof Koch, and Jason Kerr
WS4B image thumb4B: Measuring and modelling the development of retinotopic maps
Chair: Stephen Eglen
Speakers: Ian Thompson, Johannes Hjorth, and Andrew Huberman
WS4C image thumb4C
: Workshop in Macroconnectomes Construction
Chair: Mihail Bota
Speakers: Witter, Leergard, Bakker, Dong, and Schmitt