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NeuGen 2.0 - Automatic generation of large neuron networks using anatomical data bases


Sergei Wolf (University of Frankfurt), Stefan Grein (University of Frankfurt), Gillian Queisser (University of Frankfurt)

In Computational Neuroscience the simulation of single cells and neuron networks is becoming increasingly dependent on detailed morphology descriptions on the cell level. Great efforts have been undertaken to systematically record and store the anatomical data of cells. This effort is visible in data bases, such as In order to make use of these fast growing data within computational models of networks, it is vital to include it when generating cell morphologies and network geometries. For this purpose we developed the Neuron Network Generator NeuGen 2.0, that is designed to include known and published anatomical data of cells and to automatically generate large networks of neurons. It offers export functionality to classic simulators, such as the NEURON Simulator. NeuGen 2.0 is designed in a modular way, so any new and available data can be included into NeuGen 2.0. Also, new brain areas and cell types can be defined and advanced by the user. Therefore, NeuGen 2.0 is a software package that grows with every new piece of anatomical data, which subsequently will continue to increase the morphological detail of automatically generated networks.
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Topic: Computational neuroscience